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National High School Mock Trial Championship

Indianapolis, Indiana
May 9-11, 2013

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A brief User's Guide for the Registration System is available. You may wish to read it before you enter the system. Please click here to see the User's Guide.

NHSMTC Registration System

Welcome to the Registration System! You will be asked to enter data related to your role in the Mock Trial Championship. Because we are collecting data that some may consider private, we will be using login names (your email address), and passwords (explained below).

  • If you are registering as a JUDGE VOLUNTEER or a NON-JUDGE VOLUNTEER, you will be asked to create your own login name and password.

  • If you are registering in ANY OTHER ROLE (National Host Committee, National Board, State Coordinator, Faculty-Sponsor, Coach, or Student), you will need to have someone related to the National Host Committee (or your State Championship Team) create a login name and password for you. The person creating the login and password should communicate this information to you so that you may login into our system.

Please click the appropriate link below for your role and registration status. The question mark symbol indicates that help is available in explaining certain aspects of this web page. Please click the symbol for a window containing further guidance.

Judge Volunteer
Non-Judge Volunteer
Team Members
All Other Registrants

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Returning to Registration question mark

First-Time Registering question mark

Returning to Registration question mark

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Team Participant question mark

National Host Committee

National Board question mark

Judge and Non-Judge Volunteers may create their own login and password upon first entry to the Registration System.

These Registrants must receive their login and initial password from other people in the Registration System.

Those individuals registered in a given role in the Registration System (for instance, State Coordinator, NHSMTC Board member, or NHSMTC Host Committee) must initiate an additional registration in their role as Judge Volunteer or Non-Judge Volunteer.  In other words, the system does not make the connection between registrations for individuals in the Judge (or Non-Judge) Volunteer role and other roles.  Please make sure you have registered for all roles in which you intend to serve for the NHSMTC.  You may use the same login and password for all of your role registrations within the Registration System.  Be sure that any orders for T-Shirts or additional event tickets are made within one of your records within the Registration System. 


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